Meet The Team

“Not all those who wander are lost.”- JRR Tolkien

Coach Hovis

IMG_0827The very serious leader of TeamHovis. A mild-mannered real estate guy by day and a mirth filled reader and adventurer by night! Greatest accomplishment is the landing of Lady Coach Hovis who has embraced his rambler ways and diagnosis of no-polar.

Lady Coach Hovis

IMG_1536The perpetually lost yet stunningly beautiful wife of Coach Hovis. Loving Mother. Considerate Daughter. Dear Friend. Just an all around wonderful lady who looks younger all the time.

Grand Master E

IMG_1282Owning the title of oldest child since birth. Classically trained flower picker. Decidedly not going to be doing whatever it is she does not want to be doing.

Favorite Super Hero – Elsa

The G Man

IMG_1434aHe has never seen a tasmanian devil that didn’t look bored. Smarter than all of us and if he had time to sit still he would explain it all to us – we’re sure of it.

Favorite Super Hero – “I don’t know”

The Poppy Peanut

IMG_1144aRelentless in her pursuit of whatever she wants and somehow manages to say more daily words than the rest of TeamHovis combined.

Favorite Super Hero – Daniel Tiger

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