Mancation: Coach & Gman Colorado April 2015

The Front Range

Once again Coach’s work takes him on the road. This time he brings his trusty sidekick – Gman!

A quick two day trip into Denver and the front range. We took a late flight out of Houston arriving at 9:05p Denver time. Headed to the hotel for a late night dip in the pool.

Gman sat in the backseat while Coach did a real estate tour of Denver. He could not have had more fun driving around all day learning what Coach does and watching movies. He may be confused on which one of those two things he enjoyed more – don’t ask him.

We had a picnic lunch at Daniels Park in Castle Pines. Great views of the Front Range, Bison Reserve, and some bouldering to round out a great lunch break!IMG_0950.JPG More work to do in the afternoon so back in truck. Visited a good friend at his place of business and then on the road again.

The next morning we got up early and decided to get as far up the road to Mt Evans as we could before we had to head to the airport. Spectacular drive. We made it all the way to Echo Lake – still too much snow to continue to the top. Quick hike around the lake and our feet are freezing from the snow!IMG_0955.JPG

Great trip! Doing the man stuff.

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