Day 4 – Rocky Mountain High 2017 – Sleep for Suckas, BV, & That is also good…


Interrogative: What sound immediately jerks a Coach out of bed and knocks off all sleepiness? Or perhaps, What sounds like that disgusting cat that lived outside your first apartment after eating several birds?

Answer:  Retching. Unbridled Retching. Impressive in a medical way.

Yes, at 3:00 AM, Gman got hit with the I-swallowed-fifty-gallons-of-pool-water-and-ate-too-many-processed-weenies case of the up-yucks.  This woke everyone but Poppy, who might’ve just rolled over.  There was lots of wiping and comforting and Coach’s trip to the front desk for cleaning spray, but eventually, everyone was back in bed with many prayers that this was a one-time thing and no one else in this confined space would follow suit.  Just in time to save TeamHovis’s perspective on road trips, right as we were all finally drifting back off to sleep, Poppy, in her sleepy stupor, saved it all with:

“Hey, Daddy.  I love you.”

“Love you, too, baby.”

And good night to all… snooring.

Coach had a 7:00 AM conference call so he made his way down to the lobby for coffee and quiet.  When he came back, expecting everyone to be ready for breakfast, he found the rest of the team still in bed, in various stages of grog.


After a bit of gentle prodding, everyone made it out the door for the buffet and a panoramic view of the mountains. It was a spectacular view of the Air Force Academy through the windows at breakfast and great joy was had watching trainer planes take off and circle among the numerous parachutists filling the sky (we never saw any land but assumed since no fireballs).  Good food and good scenery.

We spent another hour or two at the water park  – still loads of fun.  LadyCoach wanted to shower in peace so the rest of the team sent her upstairs and took advantage of the sweet pool shower facilities in the waterpark. Gman and Coach particularly liked the machine that spun all the water out of the wet suits, more Power!!

Ultimately, we were headed toward the mountains to prove John Denver might have been a lot of things but he was not full of …

However, our first stop was an urgent care facility in Colorado Springs.  Coach has had back issues off and on over the past few years and happened to mess it up again the day before leaving Katy – super disappointing.  Last Friday a woman pinched and subsequently stuck his buttocks full of steroids and pain killer. This did the trick and Coach was ready for adventure. Upon waking up this morning Coach got it in his head another lady shooting more stuff into his buttocks might make for a better camping experience. Mission accomplished. Back is feeling much better. Coach also chatted up the nice office manager who happens to spend her summers working at Frontier Ranch, Clearly, the repeated stabbing of Coach’s posterior is providential.

A quick run by Walgreen’s for some meds and it was time for the big prepare-for-the-outdoors grocery shopping session.  Usually, this is a solo trip by Lady Coach, but today seemed like a good day to get the whole team involved.  Not sure that’ll happen again, but all survived and more than enough groceries were purchased.  Kids even got to ride the penny-horses while they waited for check-out.


As Coach loaded everything into the trailer refrigerator, Lady Coach competed for space to make everybody lunch in the grocery store parking lot.  Kids managed a good picnic in the car and, after another “Can I please!!! pee in the grass?” potty emergency from Poppy, all were asleep for an afternoon nap en route to Buena Vista.

We got checked into the Lakeside Motel. It is a sweet little spot right in downtown Buena Vista and it is adjacent to a great public park and the namesake lake.  The owners were kind enough to set us up with adjoining rooms and TeamHovis went about unloading the truck.

Coach loves BV. Having spent several summers and winters as a camper, worker, leader, and adult guest at YoungLife’s Frontier Ranch and Trail West. They’ve left their mark upon his heart. What makes this great is that it is in no way unique. TeamHovis never really misses a chance to spend a day bumming around town and taking in the sights and nostalgia.


So once the truck was de-loaded, Lady Coach headed for napsville and the Coach took the kiddos down to the playground; a walking tour around town; and ultimately ended up winding down on the banks of Cottonwood Creek in Columbine Park with bottled sodas from Stedman’s Sweet Shop.IMG_0119

Old Sted must have hundreds of glass bottled sodas on the menu and all three of my children choose Mr. Frosties Cherry Lime-ade… since Coach can clearly not persuade, he coached by example, enjoying the “delicious” yet culturally appropriated “Kickapoo Joy Joice”. A real thing Coach did not makeup!


Around 6pm the Team decided it was time to reunite. Lady Coach had awakened from her sweet slumber in a laundry panic brought on by the kind of dirty that can only be accomplished by TeamHovis. So a rendezvous was set with Lady Coach to pick her up from the Wally Lallas laundromat in short order. To kill some more time Coach took the kiddos down to the Arkansas River for a lively game of Disc Golf. The round started off fantastic but somewhere right around the time the giant red ants started biting us all it took a turn for the worse. Sad Poppy…


80% awesome, 20% nightmare – Coach is calling it a win! The team called it on Hole 5 – the pics from Hole 3 look great though!

So after much crying, screaming, and fear induced hysteria, Lady Coach was picked up. In His providence, God sent down a sign to the children that He still cared. Right across the back alley from Wally Lallas, a buck mule deer was bedded down for the evening and he provided the relaxing entertainment for the kiddos to remind them that not all nature wants them dead.

Then for the ultimate in town BV experience, TeamHovis ordered cheeseburgers, onion rings, and fries from K’s Dairy Delight. A must stop for the last 50 years. The Coaching Staff enjoyed their full bellies and watched the kids play on the Columbine Park Playground. We made an easy transition back to Lakeview after E and Lady Coach had a nice walk along the creek.

Coach read chapter 14 of The Hobbit to the kiddos and then it was lights out.

Tomorrow we camp!

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