Day 6 – Rocky Mountain High 2017 – Waterfalls and Ice Caves

It was a bit chilly last night! The entire team spent the morning with their sleeping bags completely over their heads. Coach was the first to brave the cold and get breakfast going. After about five minutes the water was boiling and hot coffee was being pressed. Things started to look a bit brighter. After everyone dined on a breakfast of eggs and bacon the team decided to head out for a hike.

Just down the road from Lincon Gulch is the Grottos Day Use area. It is a spectacular place for a short hike and tons of unique beauty. After another trip to the bathroom, Lady Coach took the lead and we headed down the north bank of the Roaring Fork River. We were thrilled to emerge at the base of this gigantic cataract.

Pretty awesome start to the hike. Lady Coach then got a bee in her bonnet on being the hike leader and took the team off trail and overland through the bush. Lots of questions – “How we know where we’re going?” and “Are we lost?” Lady Coach delivered despire the doubters and we made it back to the bridge at the beginning of the trail. Poppy was pleased!


The kiddos were clamoring for a visit to the Ice Caves! Gman expressed loudly that “Tf there is adventure and a cave, I am always in dad!”, once again take a look back the blog to our trip to the Grand Canyon for further evidence of this truth. The ice caves are actually ice slot canyons where the sun never truly reaches the bottom so the cold stream running through the canyon creates a microclimate where snow and ice can make it through the summer. The entire team descended down the through the narrow opening to the bottom. Poppy was super excited to see more “snow”.

There were some professional photographers on site, so the kids had to reign in on some of the fun. Still had a great time. The trail then made it’s may over some more of the exposed granite monoliths in the area making for some great scrambling up on all fours.


We made our way back to the south shore of the river. At a little bridge over the creek running through the ice caves the kids engaged in a game of bravest to see which kiddo would walk farther out into the very cold stream where it met the Roaring Fork. E came away the “victor” with numb legs starting just above the knee. Giggles had by all. The final trail destination was the top of the waterfall. It was vertigo inducing to stand on the edge of so much water!


We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing back at camp! The kiddos have named the various areas of our campground and have enjoyed building forts and lookouts. The walky-talkies have been a big hit as well keeping the Coaching staff appraised of all developments from the out of site kiddos!

Despite all the great adventuring the highlight of the day may have been the arrival of Nana. Nana made her way down from Cody, WY  for a two night stay and to get her grandkid fix after a month apart. Hugs were liberally administered before Lady Coach made us a tasty dinner.

Smores and good night. See you tomorrow.

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