Day 1 – No Hurry 2016: San Fran in a Hot Minute

June 15th, 2016

Have you ever woken up three children at 4:45 am to catch a flight? Well its the alternate definition of funny, funny. One of our highly recommended travel hacks is the “stay at a hotel right by the airport the night before an early flight” trick.  Saves you an hour of drive time. The Coaching Staff here at #TeamHovis never wants to answer yes to the question, “Have you ever woken up three children at 3:45 am to catch a flight?”


After a slight delay for a mechanical issue – we were off! Gman, E, and Poppy nailed the flight. The two big kiddos could have made the flight without us – thank you Amazon Prime for the no extra cost downloadable movies. Poppy was a champ as well. She does have a slight fear of flying and asked “Have we landed yet?” about 30 times while holding onto Coach with all her strength the last 10 minutes of the flight. The highlight of the flight was experiencing a whole new perspective of the Yosemite and Hetch Hetchy Valleys as we flew over the Sierras.

Upon landing we headed for baggage claim and loaded up two smartcarts with all the “cargo” that is traveling with three tinies: 3 carseats, stroller, kiddo hiking backpack, pack n play, and 6 duffel bags. The team hauled all the gear to the curb and then Gman and Coach headed to pick out a rental car. Dodge Durango for the win! After picking up the girls and loading up the gear we were off to Pier 33 and Alcatraz Island. We picked up a quick bite for the road and then… gridlock.


It took us over an hour just to get through the toll booth line for the Bay Bridge. #NoHurry2016.


Summation of Photo Attitudes

Lady Coach insisted we visit Alcatraz and it did not disappoint. The ferry ride was great views of San Francisco Bay, The Bay Bridge, The Golden Gate Bridge, and Downtown San Franciso – the ticket price is worth it just for the ride out to The Rock.  Coach, E, and Gman rode most of the way to the Island outside on the front lower deck – wind and salt spray made for lots of laughs! The highlight of the island is the audio tour of the prison. It is extremely engaging. The Coaching Staff loved it and E and Gman ate it up too. The idea of walking around listening to headphones did not set high expectations as a family event – we could not have been more wrong. It is truly great! If the prison and history of the island hold no interest for you, the views of San Francisco are stunning. Make sure you book your tickets in advance for Alcatraz – no spots available until July 12th when we walked up with tickets in hand today.


We were all starting to get a bit hangry after spending several hours hiking and boating, so we headed down to Pier 39 to enjoy the tourist trap outdoor mall right on the water. We ate a decent meal at a very forgettable seafood and burger joint followed by Coffee for Coach and cookies for all. We headed to the end of the Pier and the infamous sea lion colony. ARF! ARRRRNNFFFFF! ARNNFFFF! Lady Coach was shivering and turning a nice shade of blue, so we packed it in and called it a day.

We loaded back into the Durango and headed over the Golden Gate Bridge. Never fails to impress.


About the time the Durango hit Sonoma TeamHovis was down for the count. Coach listened to the rest of the team saw logs on the home stretch into Ukiah.

How do kids sleep with their heads resting at those crazy angles?

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