Day 2 – No Hurry 2016: Redwoods of Confusion

June 16th, 2016

Good Morning California! A lazy breakfast at the hotel followed by a brief war against overalls marked the start of our day. Poppy seems to believe that shoulder buckles are demonic articles sent to destroy the freedom of toddlers. After a coaches huddle a new play was called and a clothes change was executed.

TeamHovis – Nailed It!

IMG_2377Spent the morning hiking and playing around Lake Mendocino. Beautiful area with the scent of Eucalyptis in the air. After a brief stint on a playground we made our way north on Hwy 101. We stopped at Wheels Café and Pub in Laytonville for lunch. Nice staff and good grub! The little bar inside looked like it would be a good time on the weekends. Gman entertained the team by heading out onto the porch and doing his best vaudeville through a big window. We laughed and laughed. North again on the 101. Lady Coach laid out a string of classic road side attractions for us to visit today. We made our first stop at Confusion Hill a tourist trap attraction straight out of 1950’s Americana: ice Cream, milkshakes, sandwiches, and kitch. The Coaching staff alternated between hanging out in the car with a napping Poppy and experiencing the thrill of Confusion Hill.

Do you suffer from vertigo? Get nauseous easily? Struggle to remain upright? Then do not visit Confusion Hill. Through a combination of clever engineering, talented carpenters, and hydro-static pressure this little walking tour does its best to make you feel like the laws of gravity do not apply here. Balls that roll uphill! Water that flows uphill! It is seriously disorienting!

Behold the Magic …
…and the Reality

All and all I would say its worth the price of admission. Next stop… that’s right you guessed it One-Log House! The house made out of a single log – it was thick, it was heavy, it was wood. The kiddos found it better than bad, even good. Fortunately, the purveyors of this Famous attraction understood that ice cream cures all ills. Mmmmm… ice cream.

IMG_2409After all the road side fun one family can have, we checked into the Humboldt House Inn made famous on the road trip of Coach and Beardy McAfrica back in August 2012 – a story to be told another time. The Inn is a great place for family to catch a nights sleep on a Hwy 101 roadtrip: huge suites, great pool and hot tub, free wine and tapas social in the evenings, and of course hot breakfast! We checked in and made the most of our evening. Lady Coach worked out while Coach took the kiddos to the pool. After pool time the kiddos hopped in the shower and we walked into the quaint little downtown of Garberville, CA.

I am sure there was a time when logging and subsequently tourism were the economic drivers in this town. However, it is pretty clear that now it is marijuana. Strolling to dinner you’ve never seen a higher bunch of people in your life. I’m pretty sure I saw a sign for a marijuana college – growing green to make green. Anyway… we ate dinner at a very good Italian place – Calico’s Deli and Pasta. This place was apparently well ahead of us on the #NoHurry2016 but the food was great!

Then sleep.

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