Day 3 – No Hurry 2016: Rock Skippin’, Meat Eatin’, View Havin’ Good Time

June 17th, 2016

Big Map

By 9:00 am we hit the road – take the 101 to Avenue of the Giants. Lady Coach says the IMG_1036 - Copydrive is “absolutely beautiful”. The Redwoods make it feel like you’re on another world. Shade from the large canopies broken up by peeks of sunshine. An impromptu stop at Humboldt Redwoods State Park made for the kiddos’ highlight of the day: skipping rocks into the Eel River. Poppy kept picking up rather large stones and saying, “Look at this giant-normous rock, Mommy!” She probably splashed at least 100 stones into the river. Coach gave a brief clinic on how to skip rocks. Gman and Lady Coach can make them skip a couple times each now. E focuses her effort on finding one Class A hiking stick and unusual rocks. Lots of the rocks will make it back to Texas for Mrs. Virginia Lovesrocks to identify.

Lady Coach’s family used to be in the cheese-making business, so she has a IMG_1030unique affinity for smelling out a good cheesery (sp??). SO… we headed into the metropolis of Loleta to visit the Loleta Cheese Factory. Sadly, the factory isn’t making cheese with the cheesery equipment today but Team Hovis made a run on eating up all their samples. Delicious! Gman, through guile and persistence, managed to get Lady Coach to buy him Lindt truffles from the cheesery. I mean really.

After the disappointment of Cheesery lock-down, Coach sprang into action and took Lady Coach to a place only a Lady Coach could love – Ferndale, California. The town’s mainstreet is all Victorian-style buildings. Quaint little shops and cafes made for a nice way to spend a few hours. We ate at the Ferndale Meat Company – huge sandwiches. Kiddos enjoyed poring over the old-style cartoon tourist map on the wall and were actually able to identify buildings they saw later from the map! On the way out of town traffic came to a dead stop so a combine could come through going the opposite direction. Small town world.

As we headed back to the 101 to continue our drive north an interesting conversation took place. It seems Gman has a great novelist buried in that brain of his:

Mom: …or as bad as stepping on Legos.
Gman: Yeah, I see red spots when I step on Legos.

Best description of the searing hot pain that is stepping on a Lego.

IMG_2427As we pulled into Eureka the Coaching Staff had a brilliant idea to take the kids to the zoo in town. To our great surprise the kiddos voted it down. They wanted to go to the beach. As we drove by the zoo there was much haranguing from the rear of the Durango about how awesome the playground next door to the zoo looked. So fun was had by all playing tag, hide-and-go-seek, and other crazy games under the shade of Giant Redwoods at the Sequoia Park Zoo playground. For free. Who needs the zoo?

We headed out of Eureka on the 101 North, of course. After a brief map study we decided to visit Clam Beach – a great wide expanse of dark sand and cold water. The kids had a ball getting so dirty they had to be stripped naked and hosed off in the parking lot. Luckily the hose water was ice cold. The children appreciated this very much.

It had been a long day so we called it quits and drove the 7 miles up the coast to our accommodations for the night – The Emerald Forest Cabins just outside Trinidad. We have a snug but quite nice cabin right in the heart of an old growth red wood grove. The cool breezes coming from the ocean combined with the scent of the trees – Coach has a new favorite smell.

We got settled in and everybody grabbed a shower and we headed into town for a bite to eat. We grabbed some quality grub from The Lighthouse and headed for a picnic spot. We hit the jackpot on randomly taking this tiny one lane road to Tepona Point. The view was breathtaking.


Then back to the room and goodnight moon – once the kids had their full-on bedtime party broken up by two sleepy coaches.

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