Day 6 – No Hurry 2016: Even less Hurried + Tide Pools

June 20th, 2016

Today started off with Lady Coach getting a chance to sleep-in while Coach made breakfast. Gman took advantage of Lady Coach’s snuggle proclivities and climbed into Coach’s warm spot and started sawing logs. The young ladies and Coach enjoyed pancakes, fruit and bacon for breakfast. Once Lady Coach raised from her slumber it was another morning spent on the beach. Coach had to get some work down, so he sat is his temporary office and knocked out some calls and emails.

After a great lunch of Grilled Ham and Cheese sandwiches it was time for Poppy to take a nap. When nap time was over the adventures began. We spent the afternoon and early evening enjoying a hike to Endert’s Beach in Redwood National Park. The hike itself is grand and provides great views of the Pacific Ocean and Crescent City. IMG_2503

IMG_2508We reached the beach after about a .5 mile hike. If you’re adventurous, like TeamHovis, walk south down the beach another .5 miles to the large rocks in the middle of the picture above. Those rocks have sea caves and tide pools that reveal themselves at low tide. Coach made sure to check the tide charts for the area and we hit the beach right on time. Lady Coach most assuredly did not fall flat on her face jumping over the creek that enters the beach on the way to the tide pools. E and Gman had so much fun climbing through the rocks and checking out all the sea life in the tide pools. The only wish was that we had more time to explore.

The hike back was lots of fun as well with Gman playing chicken with the waves and Poppy getting a free ride on Coach’s back. Poppy serenaded the group with lovely songs about the ocean. E showed Lady Coach a shortcut to avoid the creek (not sure why?), only for E to bonk her head on a giant rock ledge. Ouch! Gman continued to explore and run about.

The Coastal Trail runs right through Endert’s beach and there is a primitive campground on site. We had a great picnic dinner as dusk approached in one of the campsites. PJ and Gman loved on each other tons as Lady Coach and E went to find a restroom.

PJ wanted to “sit right next to” Gman

After we got back to the car the Coaching Staff decided more fun needed to be had, so we headed into Crescent City and scoped out the Beachfront Park.  The kiddos approved as it has a giant playground! Gman, E, and Poppy all had a great time running around and playing. Gman even made friend from another vacationing family! Great end to the day.

Made our way back to the cabin and straight to bed just before 9pm. Coaching staff was not too far behind.

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