Day 7 – No Hurry 2016: Conquering Kayaking and Ocean World

June 21st, 2016

Today was a day like any other day, if your days are full of kayaking, sharks, stingrays, crock-pot meals, pinnipeds, and Shubies. The Lady Coach nailed our breakfast of pigs in a blanket. Shortly after eating, the kiddos informed me it was time for a soak in the hot tub. So soak we did. To Coach’s relief, the team then requested beach time. Gman and E both learned how to solo kayak today. It was tons of fun watching them figure out how to paddle and maneuver on the river. Gman took to it extremely well considering he spent most of our first kayak trip whining at Lady Coach.

During IMG_2529nap time Lady Coach did her workouts while Coach figured out that it is better to make each day’s journal a separate blog post and consequently inundating TeamHovis followers with email. Sorry! I’m pretty sure Lady Coach was telling me to post the pic I was taking.

After nap it was time  to visit the highly anticipated Ocean World. It was a great little aquarium on the edge of Crescent City. The big hits were the tide pool touch tank (filled with sea stars, baby rays, sea anemones, and sea urchins)

and the Pinniped show (harbor seals and sea lions). One thing we for sure came away from Ocean World knowing is that Lady Coach is very thankful humans give birth to live babies and not shark eggs.  Yowsers!

Shark Egg!

The tour ended with a great photo op.

IMG_2535After the tour we headed into the gift shop where the children picked out their trip souvenirs. Some mighty good choices were made: stuffed mermaids with pink hair, light-up ninja swords, and a plush pink seal. To our great surprise however amidst all the kitch and plastic toys was a diamond in the rough. A prize beyond worth. BEHOLD…


That’s right folks. The only college or team of any kind represented in the entire store. Don’t ask me how or why but God has smiled on these people of Crescent City. Shown them the light. The rest of the evening was a total let down after finding these Salt and Pepper shakers. It mostly consisted of Ice Cream, Carlotte’s Web the movie, and delicious crock pot chicken.

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