Day 9 – No Hurry 2016: No Pic Thursday

June 23rd, 2016

The Coaching Staff failed to take a single good picture today. Sorry!

Who loves getting up at 4:00 in the morning and making sure Lady Coach sees the joy(?) in it as well?  Oh, Poppy… Getting up before the sun does not a good vacation day make.  But it’ll turn itself around!

Coach and Lady Coach prepped as much as they could the night before so that final packing and gathering this morning would not prove too stressful. Because there was such an abundance of leftover raw bacon in the refrigerator, Coach decides it best to cook it ALL for breakfast. Needless to say, a large bag gets put into the ice chest for future consumption. Who can waste bacon??? But, if all the bacon must be cooked to avoid waste-age then Coach KNOWS that all the ice cream sandwiches and fudge pops should be eaten as well. Lady Coach comes out of the shower to find out each of the kids has had one of each… And it’s only 10:00 AM. Oh, boy.

And so TeamHovis hits the road. River’s Bend was so good – the comfort, the play options, the view.  It’s hard to leave such a great little gem. The Powells proved great hosts and a future trip is definitely in the cards for this crew. Until then, though, onward ho! Coach has a 3-hour trip planned today. He tried to pick the least windy (the road directions, not the weather) route, but that proves too good to be true. Poor, sweet little E. She is such a tough trooper. E’s always struggled with road-sickness, but today pushed her over the edge.  Even after a quick stop at the gas station for peppermints, Coach and Lady Coach hear that sound that could easily be any parent’s worst nightmare: vomiting, ralphing, puking, throwing up. E, without any hubbub, does her business into the red solo cup sitting next to her. She claims to feel better after that so the Durango keeps on plugging.

“I feel like I just needed to do that” – E

After some wrong turns in Grants Pass, TeamHovis stops for a picnic at the city playground. Quick and easy lunch of sandwiches and leftovers from the river house. Gman, being Gman, makes quick friends and joins in on a game of hide-and-seek. E manages to eat a bit and then jumps in for playground fun as well. Poppy…  Oh, Poppy. All she has to do is eat one grape. One grape. A grape the size of a dime. She eats her almond butter roll-up and some yogurt but she can’t have any chips until she eats ONE FREAKING GRAPE. Well, then Coach and Lady Coach start tag-teaming until it escalates into: you can’t do anything fun or eat anything else until you chew and swallow this one grape. Argh. It’s mule-head vs. mule-heads. The Coaching team WILL win, but at what cost? Poppy regretfully removes herself from all playground fun and is ever-so-happily placed back into her car seat. Said grape is offered to her throughout the final leg of today’s trip but she refuses. No books, no snacks, no fun. All because of a dumb little grape.

Poor sweet E has another encounter with her red solo cup soon after leaving the playground.  Again, she takes it like a champ. After this bout the highway finally starts to straighten and Mt. Shasta comes into view! Car conversation turns to volcanoes and hiking and “Will the lava get us at the hotel?” Poppy grows fearful initially but once she’s comforted that there will be no lava and there is no danger where the hotel is she grows more excited that today’s final destination is finally here! The Tree House Best Western is a comfortably rustic place and TeamHovis has a two-bedroom suite so life is good!  But, remember the grape? Yeah. The Coaches do, too.

After a carefully planned out system of attack (AKA: flying by the seat of their pants), Coach and Lady Coach try good-cop/bad-cop. It doesn’t work. Everyone wants to go swimming. Don’t you want to join us, Poppy? Just eat the grape!!!! EAT IT!!!! Finally, Coach tries solo. Lady Coach and the bigs go into the other bedroom to prep for swimming. Nobody knows what happens in the other room. There are words and there is crying and there is time. So much time. Then, HARK! The door opens. Poppy has partaken of the grape!!! Few questions are asked and much celebration is had. To the indoor pool – now!

Though the pool isn’t as warm as Lady Coach and Poppy might like, the others take to it like fish!  Bouncing between it and the hot tub everybody has a great time. Have a nice visit with a woman there for a meditation retreat who works for a non-profit organization that does research on near-death experiences. Lady Coach would’ve loved to have dinner with her and just hear all about everything, but not this time. Time for the whole team to eat.

Dinner at the restaurant hotel proves surprisingly enjoyable. Food is good and everyone actually eats! Poppy even split Lady Coach’s french onion soup with her. Time will tell if this was a once-in-a-lifetime occasion or if this could be placed on the rotating menu at home. After supper, Lady Coach and E and Gman head down to the fitness room for some miles and fun.

Then, it’s BEDTIME!



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