Day 8 – No Hurry 2016: Grumpies and Smores

June 22nd, 2016

Well TeamHovis hit our low today. The day started off promising with Lady Coach getting a chance to sleep in. After that it was 5 hours of more or less continual grumpiness for all team members – maybe or maybe not related to the fact that Coach allowed the kiddos to watch The Princess Bride for the first time EVER that morning. (I think Gman called it “epic”?) We headed out the front door for a hike only to hit bridge construction on our way to Howland Hill Rd, which is normally a great drive through old growth redwood forests. The delay to cross the bridge ended up being over an hour. The kiddos were none to happy and expressed their frustration through a series of whiny questions and ugliness. Lady Coach and Coach did not approve.

After the delay we tried to hike Boy Scout Tree but it seems that was not to be – Lady Coach, E and Gman got a bit of a hike in but it was over in 30 minutes. It seems Poppy has developed an irrational fear of riding in the backpack. She has quite the set of lungs on her and SCREAMED and CRIED when Coach tried to put her in the backpack. It was sad. When Poppy finally got into the pack it was well past lunch time, so the Coaching Staff called an audible and cancelled the hike. 4 hours of driving around in circles with brief interludes from whining. Oh…one of the bigs had a potty accident right before we arrived at the car. Said kiddo wore Coach’s shirt home as pants. YAY!! Bright side – Lady Coach got some cool shots of the woods and kiddos.

Once back at home base on the Smith River we had lunch and Poppy got a nap. It was about mid-nap when the rest of TeamHovis got themselves back together. All that was needed was a good soak in the hot tub and some high stakes croquet. When Poppy woke up she was even in a good mood. Day saved.

IMG_1147The evening was a big success as Lady Coach made cheeseburgers! E and Gman both ate two huge burgers, shaming Coach’s one burger meal.To cap off the recovery, Coach got a fire going and all had s’mores while the sun went down overlooking the river. Not too shabby!

Coach made a late night run into town to pick up a styrofoam cooler because, believe it or not, Lady Coach purchased too much food. I mean crazy, right?! So TeamHovis will have good snacks and sandwich grub until the flight home.


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