Day 11 – No Hurry 2016: Volcanoes & Waterfalls

June 25th, 2016

Sorry to those of you following us closely, we have been posting a day late.  Too much fun!

IMG_2559It was another stellar day in California. As we’re getting up and ready for the day E went out on the front porch and sat by herself for awhile to enjoy the morning. In the process, she made some friends with several sting-less bees. The little bees just kept walking around on her hands and arms. She adored them. It was pretty cute. My theory is we’ve been eating way too many pancakes this trip and we’re sweating syrup now.


We had a great breakfast at the Mineral Lodge. The restaurant is stocked with games and the kiddos started off with another round of checkers while we waited for the food. Then we headed up the volcano and into Lassen Volcanic National Park. The drive into the park is beautiful and the snow fields in June made for some cool weather for great hiking. It just so happens that one of the best hikes in the entire park is right behind the visitor center – Mill Creek Falls. We bought some great Nalgenes in the Visitor Center as we neglected to bring our own this trip. Should make some good keepsakes.

The hike itself is a 3.2 mile round trip through alpine meadow, dense mountain forest, and various creek drainages and canyons. The sky was a perfect blue without a cloud in the sky temperature was around 72 degrees – perfect for hiking. Due to some navigation errors by Coach the team walked an extra 1/4 mile through a campground – we’ll call it a warm-up. IMG_2572The first half mile or so of the hike meandered through these beautiful yellow flowers and Poppy was in heaven skipping and singing through the flowers. The kids were excited the first half of the hike with Gman staying just out of site for the first mile or so. He loves to run. Coach was setting the pace with Poppy in the back pack after the wild flower meadows ended. Poppy sang songs in Coach’s ear until we reached the falls. They were worth the effort.

After the hike we drove down into Sacramento. The kiddos were all exhausted but no in car naps were had. We checked into a hotel right next to the capital. Lady Coach had a great idea to call it a day and let the kiddos watch a movie. We put the kiddos in the bath which immediately turned the tubs brown. We ordered some food from downstairs and then tried our best not to fall asleep before the movie ended.

Good night!

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