Day 12 & 13- No Hurry 2016: Nazis, Traffic, Scandia, and Home

July 26th, 2016

The trip is quickly winding down and TeamHovis is getting a bit spent on energy. The whole team slept in until late but the Coaching Staff was awoken in the middle of the night to a 50 person fight breaking out on the street below. It was a like a train wreck you couldn’t take your eyes off. People running and yelling. So… we get the car loaded up and begin heading out of town only to run into traffic on a Sunday morning in downtown Sacramento. Turns out some Nazis and Skinheads were protesting outside the capital and they got into a knife fight with a bunch of anarchists. Overall, TeamHovis is not recommending a stay in downtown Sacramento. The hotel was nice!

We began to head into San Francisco for our last full day of fun. The family entertains themselves by making Siri, on Lady Coach’s Iphone, call her funny names. There is a hilarious video of this that cannot be shown in public.

We once again run into the Bay Area’s famous traffic so we abort San Francisco. The Coaching Staff decides we’re going to get off at the next exit that looks like fun. We almost immediately see a Scandia Family Fun Center. Fairfield, California delivers!

An afternoon of old school video games, go carts, bumper boats, and mini golf was just the cure for our traffic ills. Gman loved all the video games, Poppy loved the old style bacteria infested ball pit, and E soaked Coach so thoroughly on the bumper boats with her water cannon he had to change clothes. WOO HOO!

After Scandia, we made our way into Oakland. No traffic, YEAH! We stayed right by the airport for a quick getaway in the morning. Food options were scarce by the hotel so Coach went on an adventure to a local Thai place and brought back a buffet of noodles and rice. After we stuffed ourselves, we enjoyed the sunset over the bay, snuggled up, and watched the Olympic trials. Good night! Oh yeah – Coach took the kiddos to the pool as well.


We enjoyed our last night and the next morning we got up early grabbed breakfast at the hotel, returned the rental car, and flew home. We made some great memories and we cannot wait until our next adventure.

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